Manga: Di Gi Charat
Anime: Di Gi Charat
Appears In: Manga, Anime, OVA, Game
Alternate Name(s): Petit Charat
Gender: Female
Age: 5
Birth date: July 26th『♌ Leo』
Home Planet: Mars

Earth 51 Moon Mewni Time Space

Blood Type: A
Height: 103 cm (including cat ears)
Weight: 18 kg
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Relationship: King (father),Queen (mother)

Dejiko (big sister)

Theme Song: Species:Alien
Japanese CV: Miyuki Sawashiro
English VA: Claire Danes (singer voice)

Petit Charat (Puchiko, プ キ · キ キ ト ト ト) is Dejiko's half-sister and a catgirl. She doesn't speak often and usually ends her sentences with "nyu". She is rather stoic, keeping calm in situations where Dejiko and the others usually panic.

Abilities Puchiko can use the Me Kara Beam from her eyes just like Dejiko can. However, she is not very good at it, and often ends up shooting random things from her eyes instead. Later episode reveal the main reason why she cannot use her Me Kara Beam well was due she rarely show her anger and aggresive side like Dejiko.

Apperance Edit

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Puchiko usa una gorra naranja con una imagen de la cara del gato y orejas de gato encima, traje de marinero, un par de botas que se asemejan a patas de gato. Ella también tiene una cola de gato detrás de ella.

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