Rinna Charat




February 27th

Rinna Charat is one of the main character in the Panyo Panyo Digi Charat series and returns in Digi Charat Nyo as a minor character. She is childhood friends with Dejiko, Puchiko and Mike. She does not appear in any anime with the main storyline of the original series.

Rinna enjoys baking and owns a cake shop which is hugely popular depsite having erratic hours due to her sleeping most of the time.

Rinna falls asleep often which could possibly mean she is narcoleptic.

Rinna is also very polite to everyone.


Known to have an unexceptional cooking skills, many people love to enjoy her cooking with mainly Dejiko trying to take the advantage of it. Despite of her narcoleptic symptom, she can run very fast.


Animeography Edit


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